Go from AI hype to working prototype.

Sure, startups with wheelbarrows of VC cash and shiny new PhD's from Stanford are making headlines every week. And AI hackers and bootstrappers are launching new AI apps on Product Hunt every day. 

But what about the rest of us? How can we figure out the highest return AI-powered product and then actually get the first version built quickly? Those are the questions we answer for our clients.

Accelerating AI Adoption

Machine & Partners is a technical AI consultancy helping organizations prototype and validate AI experiences that create real business value. We can help you discover, define, and deliver your first Generative AI-powered breakthrough. We can build your AI-powered experiences for both internal and customer-facing use cases.

Our Principles

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Get to V1 fast

We think you should get real world AI experience now. That means getting a product or application to market as soon as possible, learning from it, and iterating quickly.

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100x ROI

There are lots of potential AI projects you could pursue and we will help you prioritize and find the hundred-fold return on investment that AI makes possible.

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Bionics, not robotics

The future isn’t full automation, it's a radical enhancement of our creativity, collaboration, and productivity. AI shouldn’t replace your team, it should give them superpowers.

What we do

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Find opportunities for AI in your business. Help you pick the 100x project, not just the cool demo.

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Determine and/or build the right set of tools and technologies you need to get to v1 fast.

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Build high-quality, user-ready prototypes to prove viability and assess the ROI potential.

Start with a Workshop


You need to walk before you run. This two-hour workshop will accelerate your executive team's understanding and experience with AI, comfortably placing them among the smartest people in the room.


This half-day workshop helps teams identify their highest ROI AI projects. Our practical, hands-on approach will create clarity, conviction, and alignment about your company's next steps with AI.

AI PRODUctivity for teams

We have partnered with Section to offer AI productivity classes at a scale that works for your whole company. People that use AI in their regular workflow are XX% more productive than those that don't.

About us

Machine & Partners was founded by a small team of experienced technologists and product strategists. Our partners have worked at companies like AOL, Apple, Meta and Uber. We want to turn AI hype into viable products for the enterprise.

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